Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OOoooo........la......la....!!!! @_@

WARNING WARNING!!! : This is a very lame post. It contains more pictures than words in this post. If you feel puked(what language is this??) after screening my pictures, DO NOT blame me=P


What kind of topic is this?

Happy Happy Hip Hip,

'Cause can hang out with MAMA (fake one)

Let me introduce my Mama to you all.
Her name is WINNIE
Know her since Primary 5.
Why Mama? Errr...hard to express it here.
Just Mama la.
Mama is one of my best buddies.

Expressing my feelings
Playing Nail Arts!!!

All with dear Mama..

~ SUNday ~

Went SHOPPING with Mama..
miss shopping so much!! My oh My..

Look at the mickey Bling bling...DO NOT look at me...
What a retarded face....
Pity me, posing for so long, mama still haven't click...
At last, we got this type of pic, haha

Mickey again?? Meimei, u're 18 now, please...

Random..Fat fat

Bought this at last, NO mickey lolx

Went for dinner at Sushi King.

My first time there, yup yup, okok my F I R S T TIME eating Sushi at Sushi King..

Wanna see food??

Follow me..

Read first ('coz I also read first=) )

Ok, I wonder if it's true? I mean it's true that wasabi & salmon are healthy food, but the

w a s a b i


s a l m o n

served in Sushi King, are they the original, traditional, real ingredients?

So, this is W a s a b i, the truth is....I don't know how to eat this thingy.. It's like, yucky...bluek..haha, BUT, my mama loves it, she's w a s a b i q u e e n

This is Mama-in-the-sauce

What is this? don't know,
it says, toufu skin,
it tastes, sweet sweet..

This is super-licious!!
Smoked Scallop.
I ate both..geeee...

Greeny is w a s a b i
Reddy is d u n n o
Mama ate both, double geeee.....

Set meal..I guess that is Ramen, but why isit so thin?? i'm not sure...
& the rice with dno what fish it's called..
Mama loves it very much, but I don't even know how to eat it...

Cam Whore time
Using Mama's phone's cam, mine ran out of battery, how sad
Do we look alike?
Few times got asked : "Are you two TWINS?"

End of post..


Akira 思胜 said...

Ur friend is pretty too, same with u neh...

I dont like go to Sushi King, because the waiters are slow in refilling the tea for us always and the price for sushi is kinda expensive...

Barbie said...

Heya! Mei Mei and Winnie are all cute! Eh! *muah muah* Look like my princess had so much fun that day! Che Che wanna have some funs too =( Count Che Che in next time, okie?

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* Akira ~ that's my first time eating in sushi king, n myab it's gonna be my last time thr, ahaah, yeah, the food expensive nvm, bt the service charge & gov tax so high, aduhhh....

* Barbie ~ Cheche, dn wry, tho u're not with me here, i still owez miss u...all day long=) in my heart owez eh

cheche come to kch soon hehe

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Yeah, you two look like twins, I thought she's your sister, really.

Sorry, I missed this post before, just checked it now. Like I said, little Meimei has to go on a diet plan, hao ma?

Then, let your hair grow a little bit so your face will look thin and it'll reveal the lady in you =)

I love that Mickey bling bling. Next time, you and I can shop together, I will buy clothes for you =)