Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BeFor3 & afTer

p/s : Dress from ESPRIT, pls? hehehe

What are you guyz thinking now?
Before & after?
Is it something to do with body size?
or some advertisement kind of post? lolx!!


Aiyah, this post is a request post wo, lolx!! Must do it seriously, or some1 will be chasing after me with samurai sword, like he chases a dog or a cat.

Before exams, we ( referring to swinny gang ) always hang out together at my dried sons' house, erm, isnt that my house too? okie, I bought the house for him, so now it's HIS house..that's it, dn be confused.

What do we usually do there?

In the previous previous previous post, I mentioned that the first time I played 'Fei Ji Qi', yeah, we usually play games over there. That is also the place where I learnt to play cards, all kinds of cards games, it is fun tho=) Yesterday we played Indian poker? something like that, punishment is that we have to drink h2o!! omg, damn bloated...Yesterday my luck was not bad wo, hahah..can win lotsa money, but that's just play play, not real money, I'm still an angel, not that bad, just a bit polluted hehe

Yesterday, right after we finished the Moral paper, we went to his house again, we got to fry mushroom as LUNCH, lolx! It was actually sis idea, so, she was supposed to fry it, but at last, daddy has to do it himself, pity pity...We have class in the afternoon, but skipped it to relief tension, hehehe...I am a bad girl, after I came to swinny...haih!!

Sis has lotsa problems, I hope she can solve it soon, go over her self unsurity, be more confident.

and yesterday also, I did two c.r.u.e.l. acts!!
One, I will not regret..but so happy I really did it..
Before this, I felt really frustrated and hatred strikes me, after what I've done, phewww!! relieved..learn from me lah people, lolx!!
I am at last feeling free=)
and the other one, I felt so bad..I hope for apologise..I am just an audience, your friend who can see but can't really help much..WE are sorry :(

And another sis, I hope you can let go and heal ur broken heart soon :) still young lah you, when you grow older, you will understand, haha...opppsssyy!! said like I am very experienced..
wrote it here, 'coz I know you will come visit me often :) cheers kay girl?

To daddy, haaaaaaiiiiihhhH!!!!! haiiiiiiihhhhhh!!!! :P

eiy, you ah, nehhh, you lah!! who requested this post, I hope I fulfilled your request lolx!!
Wait ah, I sure got chance to dig dig your problems, ble :P

People people, it's now holiday season, have fun, shop!!!! eat and don't forget to blog :)
I still have class, buhuhuuuu..



@ng31a said...

what is about the before and after wor?? I wanna know ler....:p

btw, is that picture you??

Mello said...

mei2 ah~~ so u gt crush on some1 har? who is it leh? who is dat tall guy ah? jimmy rte? u gt his no.? can gimme^o^

@ SmalL G!RL said...

b4 n after is about b4 n after i did the cruel tings, b4 n after my exams and so loh..hehehe...

mamamiya, pls comment on the pic...teeeheeeheee...truth oh

@ SmalL G!RL said...

and mello, i really knt tink hu r u leh, n it's nonsense ure talking, lolx!! u wan jimmy no. u ask him urself lah..

Mello said...

ngaiti!! im some1 in swinburne n im a gal of coz.. n im in 1st yr degree nex yr.. gues2... dn so stingy lah~~ lolx

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

Lai 'vip' come comment on this post, LoLz..

according to order:
*chase dogs and kitties with samurai sword? >.< walau im not DAT BAD okay???? I chase at most with parang only lolx

**ur daddy alone? ish! u think I'm invisible har? I was with him there after the 2 of you (eherm) 'helpful and nice' girls left XD.. ish memang bully brobro all the time kolian him..

***sing yiiiii~~ we will support her de.. more specifically she has you to hear her out, no worries lolx

****urm I think you are the one who asked, haha still, I'm more than satisfied de.. seldom a pretty gurl ask for request one, must appreciate.. xp

*****ohkaaay, this comment.. like karangan liaw.. oops, better stop here huhu

ps-the dress, I think the one with greeny straps that you have is nicer lol dun need buy dat.. ^^

@ SmalL G!RL said...


according to order also :

* you're not vip, hu invited u here to comment ahh? lol

** aiyo, now u admit u used parang to chase dogs n cats, pity ah, must ask those selling to lock up their parang..

*** oppsyy, forgotten, ddy gt do revenge, buwie u back , hahah

**** oh tq tq, tq tq...*bow bow haha

***** which dress u mean with green straps?

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

the one you wore during moral exams if I'm not wrong

your reply.. huhu ohkaay...