Friday, December 12, 2008


~A busy/happy Friday~

It's unusual and lucky that we, Sarawakian are able to attend this concert by the Malaysian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. It was cool!! I hope I can bow like them and enjoy playing in an orchestra. Although I am very sleepy today, I didn't sleep in the concert hall, thank God..lolx! I want to be like them, travel internationally for performance, I want, I want, and....I W A N T !!!

Smiles cover my face today, with many reasons. First of all, my bestie is back, and she [Jess] went to this orchestra with me and another friend [Josh]. p/s:Thanks for accompanying me to this concert. They are both bloggers and musicians. =) I want to 'make' trees with them, ahah..

Then then then, I saw my friend, she's going back to KK soon, will miss her.

And and and, maybe it's because I didn't _ _ _ somebody today, wahaha..

Monday and Tuesday will be our mid-term examination. I haven't started revising my notes. Actually, I didn't even know what is it all about my subjects for the exam. :'(

I want my phone to be as healthy as before. So sad....

Sometimes, I got ice-cold treats, sometimes, it's warm.. Any reasons? I don't know, maybe I shouldn't care that much.

Wulalala, this post is really confusing rite? I am just here to say good night to all.


@ng31a said...

Dear...all the best in ur upcoming exams k? Lurve you loads...MUAX!!

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

no probs, enjoyed it alot myself ^^

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

too bad no guitar players there on stage lolz XD

JCSJia said...

All the best it your upcoming exams, I'm sure you have no problems with them, soooo chill MeiMei and let you knowledge flood you during your exams, you'll have my greatest wish.

Enjoyed the orchestra too, thanks loads for still thinking of me since I was sooooo far away before. ^^


P.S. : Break-a-leg

@ SmalL G!RL said...

wuu, knowledge flood me? won't de, bt thnx for ya wish=)

break a leg?? watcha mean?

Anonymous said...

Break a leg means good luck...
All the best in your exams!!

Barbie said...

Tons of good luck on your exam, princess!!! I know u'll do it well ^ ^ and this post is not that confusing hah hah... it's the post to keep us well-informed what my princess is doing out there, and how is everything going with you now! ^ ^ Sounds like you're hanging on very well there!

hmm... been awhile since we talked, and I wonder how come we become drifting apart =( You still rmb Barbie, do you? :(

Barbie always love n miss my princess! *hug*