Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MeiBee..buzzz buzzzz!


Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes...

Ok, I was trying really hard to express myself...
But, sometimes some feelings are really hard to be expressed or understood easily..
I want to dig a hole and disappear, from...from...from...u!!!! ahhh~~

Eiy!! and suddenly someone asked me to blog about someone
Nah, 'tut'!!
Why you always buwie me?
oh!! forgot u're cow, haha..mooooooo, got new nickname for u liao ho?
How'd you manage to grow so tall, eat so much and never got fat??
Ok, DO NOT ask me to steal your genes again...grrrrr T_T
If only you can play music! Then we can build a band liao loh!! ask u, u don't want!!
Oh ya!! pierced dy not? Pain? haha, gd gd!!
Put more of your cute pics rather than evil de lah!!

Lastly, you are the DEVIL and I am the ANGEL bahh..
eh, not yet last,
LAST now, DO NOT use my phobia to ugut me oh! :P

Hah!! I was just wasting my time here to update my blog and buwie small kid...
Talalalala...Go watch TV now..weeeheee

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@ng31a said...

dear, what happened to u oh?? U don't seem ok leh...