Wednesday, December 24, 2008

F r e E + P a c k E d + T i r e D

Went for lunch at somewhere unique and s.c.a.r.y.
Why scary? The..the...the...cats kept on 'attacking me'..

Now, let's get some history of the place I visited on the 23rd Dec that is The Orchid Cafe.
I went with the others, dried daddy, dried sis, dried sis-in-law & an outsider, oppssyyy, a 'carnivore', eee..

See me? Catch me!

It was recommended in the papers..

Orchid Garden of course got many plants..Dried daddy explained and described to me the names of plants, but, forgive me, I can't remember any of them, 'coz he said them in Mandarin. :'(

Oh, and food too.

Later in the afternoon, after hunting for nothing but something got hunted at The Spring, three of us

Doing it with

Playing with choc?

Why didn't I post on the cookies we baked?

Ok, next!

I drove my ladies to The Spring again.
I actually went there twice within a day, how boring it is, and now, yes!! now, I prefer to stay back and blog while my parents go Spring, omg! They seldom go, it's ok.
Wuu, met 'some peeple' there last night and 'some people' claimed that I actually stalked him, buhu!!

Kenny Rogers' Chickie nice? Oh no!!

Our future teacher :)

Me & my leng lui partner of the night :P
We shared..Only close partners share >.< Ignore the fat, once in a while wad..

Played with PDI's clothes, comment comment, looks like clown rite?

Jing Jing da ge, he's not around Kuching at this time, kinda miss him, haih!

I baked these, and it's all for my friends and family..
People people, who received my cupcake and muffin, and also read my post,
No.1, help me give names to my creations, I don't want to just name it Raisins Cupcakes, or Choco Muffins, something unique ya? (papa said, Rocky Cake, 'coz it's too hard, to him :'( )
No.2, comment comment on my creations too

Enjoy your xmas celebration people!!


Mello said...

how bout "Purple Heart" 4 da raisin cupcake since u like purple n raisin r grapes... n raisin r purple 2...

n "Flurry Chocky" 4 da choc muffins :)

Mei-Wah said...

merry christmas and happy new year to you, meimei~

best regards,

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

I got one! I got one! how bout meimei's raisins choco cupcake muffins purple heart! wakaka nice leh!!

orites comment comment:
1~you din meet 'some people' lar, on sms is not counted!! ish sta.... hehe juz jokin angel la angel la huih

2~Jessica looks like hamster! wakaka dun be so bad meimei X]

3~dat pic doesnt look clownish la u wana c clown? I show u lai lai

4~the mei's raisins choc... heart(too long can't remember)are not bad.. ^^ yumyum.. uhuk uhuk yum uhuk hehe kiddin, their nice..... uhuk xp

5~ lol.. lol... lol... ... ... told you I'd like it :)

@ SmalL G!RL said...

How'd you I like purple?

good idea!! purple heart

Mei Wah~
merry xmas to u too :)

bad idea bad idea, too long lah...ish!

i din meet, i SAW, ble :P

whr u wanna bring me to c clown? i wan to c!!! gaga

the choc not nice, n the purple heart sth wrong, haha...forgotten to add in sth, oppsyyy

yay!! izit too big? lolx!! dey dn bliv me..

Mello said...

lolx... its in ur TAGSSS~~~
Hope 2 gt 1 of those~~ :P
Merry Christmas~~

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

u think I'm that tiny!!!
woi!! man have "Muscles" ohkaaay! .......even if the "muscles" go downwards Xp

don't worry it fits just nice

Barbie said...

Dear you don't look like a clown at all, but a lovely princess! ^ ^ Serious ^ ^ hmm... I was trying to have the handmade Christmas cards for my frns, but I couldn't do it on time, so I just got a few for some of my friends only >,<

look at the cupcake! I wanna devour them all, must be so yum eh? ^ ^