Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time never says it's showing me answers I'm looking for
stubborn will, makes me hard to figure out anything
You never promise me words that confides me
I’ve mixed up all feelings into

Another type of courage to be brave I'm finding

To turn my head over

When you’re just right behind

My body and mind should connect to think well.

To be fought

In between you and me

From deep conversations to casual talks

Is silence.

It's raining heavily these days, isn't it?
If I get my fingers dancing on the piano right now
You will
never get me in my melody
But I'm not alone, my piano is always soothing and I'd keep that for another moment.

Maybe if I get closer to you, I'm replied with an explanation of feelings
Perhaps if I stay away from you, I'm able to see clearer even if my eyes are blurred
I'm not devoted for archery, but I understand that the distance between the target and I is too far to goal
Than closing my tiring eyes and pretending to shoot my arrow.

Oh, say me naive
I'm not childish at all
Comment and complaint that
I'm easily shaken
’Cause I'm clear that I never ever
underestimate my strength that hold me along my way.

If we're in the season of falling maple leaves now
You're non other than the cold and calm wind that blows and leaves in the
longest 2 seconds
Did I tell you I'm clear few moments ago?
It's winter now, I'll let my sorrow to be ended in next autumn.

Confused, is the word best describes my feelings
Unsure, leads me to another world alone
I'm feeling
unsafe for the first time
When I knew only a little about something, for what I wish to be rather dumb at all time with it.

Yeah, for sometimes I seemed so dizzy and
drowning over tears
I haven't lost my way
Sometimes, walking straight is still the best way than to turn corners
But I haven't forget I can still turn back and keep walking.

With time machine, I just wish to turn back and look again
But I don't need it from now on
’Cause I wanna keep this special feeling and love I have in me
Head up and keep walking, I'm gonna
return with my maturities coming along.

Give me a
T I T L E to conclude my feelings like a diary will do...


Mello said...

meimei... cheer up kay... aways suport u ^.^

Melinda MayLin said...

r u ok..?
we go yamcha 2gether one day yea..
still waiting 4 verene & li na to be free..
they kinda busy wif st.john stuffs now..
cheer up k.. :)

axiz of alteration said...

erm... i think i got a title.. how abt:

As my heart speaks...

or something similar, i dunno, juz suggestions..

cheer up yea, it'll be fine. trust me, its coming from an emo-like person too :P

@ SmalL G!RL said...

I have no idea about ur identity, but thnx for the care, hehhe:)

Can plz just tell me hu r u?

okie, thnx

haha, the suggestion i'll just keep in my head, I want it to be untitled still, thnx for it, i tink the title 'as my heart speaks' kinda bring out wat i feel..

oh pro over here, hehe..dn be emo pro lah, b more hpy

DCres said...


緣分注定了如此的走向 結局能否改變 也非一人之力可扭轉乾坤一切.......天意 該是怎樣 就會是怎樣的

DCres said...

love sm1 jz tell him. no matter how's the result, at least u ever try.

suggested title: Listen To My Heart

*hunt a gud 'dried' ddy 4 me* jk :P

@ SmalL G!RL said...

omg!! omg omg!!! dn say till like dat mah, u dn get fully wat i meant in the words, haha, i am u.n.s.u.r.e. of myself..

u wan ddy ha? wait ya? kelian de jia jia, yi chu shi jiu mei you ddy, sry, mmy dui bu qi ni, kakaka!! !like in the movie nia...

thnx jia jia

Anonymous said...

walao... y ur blog so so emo de??

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

how bout
'My feelings into one'
since its so colourful in emotions

or simply because you will continue to walk.. then leave it untitled until you find an answer

'untitled til I find an answer..'

beautifully done :)

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

lolx in your own words :

@ SmalL G!RL said...
omg!! omg omg!!! dn say till like dat mah, u dn get fully wat i meant in the words, haha, i am

~u.n.s.u.r.e. of myself..~

@ SmalL G!RL said...

eee...u want me to rmb wat i said ha? tired lah, i dno hw u managed to stay so strong 24/7