Monday, December 8, 2008

EighT [s]

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8 things I am passionate about:
Piano keyboard
Treble / Bass Clefs?
Being an orchestra member
The color 'PurpLe'
Something soft
What else? hhhmm, aiyah!! MUSIC

8 things I say too often
Wat de
can i just list four? :p

8 movies I have watched recently
Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa
The Vampire Who Admires Me
No more...I good girl don't watch so many movies :)

8 songs that I can listen to over and over again
If I were a Boy ~ Beyonce
T-Shirt ~ Shontelle
Gotta Be Somebody ~ Nickelback
Dao Xiang ~ Jay Chou

Qing Ai De ~ Li Sheng Jie
Dai Wo Zou ~ Rainie Yang
Fall For You ~ Secondhand Serenade
Canon in D Major ~ Pachelbel

8 things I learned the past year
Never to trust someone easily
To be more alert
To be smarter
No last minute work
Think over before deciding something
To be independent
To bake? haha
To deal with _ _ _ _

8 places I like to go in Kuching
No place
No place
No place
No place
No place
No place
No place
one more?
No place!

8 things that you will be doing today
My Austin Mini go hospital today :'(
Watch the series that I missed few weeks back
Supposed to bake, but...hehehe
Shopping? Buy food..
Barbecue yay!!
Eat lah
I don't want practice viola again..let my fingers heal

8 things I regret this past year:
Being too _ _ _ _ _ to something something
Being too honest
Eat too much
Not enough exercise
Last minute work? Didn't I said I learnt NOT to do last minute work?
Regret 6
Regret 7
Regret 8


LZ said...

woh woh~~
seems that i hav jz been tagged XD

will respond to tat tag soon, but not so soon, bcos am having exam now ;) ok?

thx for tagging!

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

wad de~! you actually did it lolx, ding ding angel dust

@ng31a said...'ve skipped a lot of questions...XD