Friday, April 11, 2008

10th & 11th of April --- A Thursday Nite & a Friday Morning

~ Daddy came home at 7 pm from Sibu. Guess what he bought for me?? ~

~ XPRESS MUSIC 5610!! ~

~ woo...I w
as and am still so excited, because this is the first time I hold a brand new phone.~

~ Before this I either was holding my mum's or bro's or dad's=( But, tq daddy!!!! I LOVE U!!! ~

~ After the battery gained the charges, I...hehehe, 'explore' the phone. ~

~ Love It ~

~ Even though I felt sick, I don't really care about it. haha ~

~ Could not sleep well in a Thursday night. ~

~ Woke up around 7am, then I didn't even brush my teeth. ~

~ A lonely morning again. ~

~ What I did was CHORES!!! ~

~ Washed the LOO and mopped the floor. ~

~ I seldom wash the LOO, today I have to do it because....TERPAKSA, my kakak sick, not coming for cleaning today. So sad, me too is sick. =( ~

~ Then I bathed and took my breakfast. ~

~ Doing some CUT & PASTE works. Love the job! ~

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