Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Th3 7 Boyz

No. 1 :

Nice handwriting, good in mathematics, always argue with teachers, in a joking way.
He sits next to me in Form 1, one year older than me. The first day we sit together, I don't dare to even look at him=P
Then, it gets better. He tried to tell me every time we chat in the phone, but I never give him a chance=P The same thing goes on in Form 1, Form 2, Form4 & even after Form5. Not Form3 because I think that time he has a girlfriend. He gives me present every year during my birthday, not Form3. Haha!! One thing I don't like about him is that he acts like a gangster. That's all.

No. 2 :

A guy same gang as the first one. He was in the same class with us too in Form1. I don't know much about him. He even gave me a necklace. He's not the type which I like though, not good-looking, not good in studies and so. Hehe, not that I'm choosy. =P
Those years in SMK Gapor, I knew quite a lot about who he's interested in, because one of my best friends was also his 'VICTIM' hehe.
From what I know, both of us scared to death when we see him in school, and will turn the other way, to avoid meeting him, lolx!!! Bad hah?

No. 3 :

During Form3..The beginning of the year, I always absent because there were so many activities going on with my family, trips to KL for my cousin's wedding and so. When I really sits down in the class, concentrate on the studies, I heard rumors about this boy. Even my form teacher tease on us, funny. I didn't know who & why they start these teases. They will just tease us, whenever there's a chance. He sits on the opposite side of the class, and I'm at the other end. During that year, I don't quite know his feelings towards me, I thought it was just the others teasing around and making fools. The next year, we were in different classes, and one day, he message me, telling his feelings towards me, he never message me before that. Weird!!
Shocked!! I asked him to give me time, then I don't quite know how we start.
This relationship goes on for quite sometime, in between, there were ons & offs. In the end, CUT!!! my parents' objections decide all the things. One thing I hate about him, HE'S QUITE A PLAYBOY!!! Our ons & offs were always due with his attitude, which makes me fed-up.

No. 4 :

This boy I know since Primary5, not close to him though, until Form4 then we're quite close. During Form4, I don't know about his feeling, so as in Form5, until one day we were in a dinner, his friends (mine too=) but the boyz gang), all asked me to sit next to him, I felt weird.
Before I went up for my performance on the keyboard, he suddenly gave me a ring. Before that, he told me he wanted to buy a ring, then he asked me what kind of ring is nice.
I don't know his meaning yet, so dumb hah?? I'm like that de, cannot blame me. lolx!!
I only treat him as my bro, never had any feelings towards him.xD

No. 5 :

Someone I know which is 2 years older than me. He chatted with me using sms. He always says something in the messages he sent me, which sends a clue that he likes me. But, I always ignore, and do not take it seriously. Hahah!!
Because........ I don't like him. The way he message me is so boring. And I think he don't take relationships seriously, he just is looking for a partner, cincai like that, who also can.

No. 6 :

The annoying one. At first I treated him as a good friend. But I know he's very hiao and my impression on him is that, he COMPLAINS a lot. Just so sissy and always tell me how much he cares about me, what a disgusting boy. He suckz!!! lolx!! Now, I always don't reply his messages, hehe, am I mean??

No.7 :

He sits nest to me during Form3. Always disturb me and he's in the same gang as boy No.3. Haha, so boy No.3 always comes to our table and chat around with him. This boy is nothing wrong, but he drinks a lot and quite a bad person in a way that he practices a bad lifestyle.
He sent a box of Christmas present to me last year, and I thought he's just sending it to thank me for helping him.
This year, he told me his feelings, and I just....say SORRY NO!! hehe, No feelings, what you want me to do? lolx!!

So....these are the very very very secret of mine.

I just felt so weird, the boys who likes me, is just not my type, why is it like that?

Hehe, the time is not here yet, heeheeee....Hope one day, there's a guy whom I had feelings with, will come to me. Like in those romance movies. wahhhhhhhhh....I'm dreaming now!!!

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