Monday, April 7, 2008

ChoCoL@t3 N!t3

Why did I go to The Spring last night? We ( Ver, Ming Lee, Amy, Lin Hsin, Jes & me) are actually planning to celebrate Ver's birthday, a week before, but we're all so busy with our things. Therefore, at last we decided just to go for a dinner at Secret Recipe, The Spring.

Jes & I went there earlier, around 5, then walked around the complex. There was nothing interesting, because they are all so expensive. I was only interested in the SWIMSUIT. Decided to learn swimming years ago, but did not take any actions towards it. I hope I can get a swimsuit ASAP and then, somebody, please teach me.

The time passes really slowly, at last, Jes & I walked into the Ta Kiong supermarket, bought a bar of mini RITTER SPORTS Chocolate, ate it while waiting. We saw Mdm Kong there buying chocolates too. P/s : She chose very slowly and carefully. After we finished, the others have not appear, then, we ate the chocolate fountain thingy, do not know what exactly it is. xD

At last, came Ming Lee, then Amy, then Ver & Lin Hsin. We went in, then few guys so not gentleman de, rampas our sit, so bad. Ergh...

White Chocolate Macadamia

Red Grapetiser

It is funny that every time we go out for dinner in a group, we decide our order very slowly. We always wanted to read the whole menu, then joke around, before deciding, it is FUN!! I love it. But, pity the waiter, he has to come twice. Haha!! I did not take any dinner, and just ordered a slice of White Chocolate Macadamia plus a very nice sparkling juice, called Grapetiser (Red). My order made me so full, I don't quite sure why is it like that.

We chatted along while eating. Jes is going to Perth on da 17th of APRIL!!!! oh so fast!!! BUHUHUHUHU.......... Any way, we caught up with each others planning and life during the RM111.95 dinner. Wahh...It was worth the price.

Later, we went to watch the Magical Fair performance, saw Ah Zhai performing, cool! There were combination of eastern and western musical instruments. The songs that I have great impression with were 'Let It Be', 'Wang Fei Hung de song-dont know what name is it hehe' & 'Jay's 菊花台'. They were so professional in their playings and performances. There were many kids around the age of 7 in the band too. Quite impressed with their performances.

Went home around 10pm. So early hah?

Today I had my driving tests. Firstly, go-up-hill, then, side parking and lastly, Route A. Passed. I pity my sifu's anak murid, he failed the parking test, just by touching the tiang at the back a little bit, then he failed. He was so sad about it. Hope he can do well in the re-test session. Good Luck!

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