Thursday, April 24, 2008

AnotH3r Day

This is a very nice song lyrics written by Yean Wei.
(u mind me post the lyrics here? hehe)


Still remember the day you left
With the smile on your face
You left all the things by my side
But i keep it all the time

Your name appears
I hear your voice

But it doesn't be true
'Coz it always dissapear
Once i open my eyes

Just go away
Dont be afraid

I'll be ok just give me one more day Another day

I tell myself
I can't hold out

Can't fight this anymore
I lose all my memories
Forgotten what I'm fighting for
There's something we can let go
Something I just want you to know
The answer you look so long isn't right Nor it's wrong

Just go away
Don't be afraid

I'll be ok just give me one more day
I'll find the way to make it right
Hope you'll be there on this another day

The song is in my MUSIC BOX, click to listen=)


Beatrice said...

this song is nice...

@ SmalL G!RL said...

helo Beatrice.. Thanx for the Compliment, I'll tell my fren about it, he sure hpy...haha

u gt blog o nt? mind me 4 a visit? can giv me the URL?

Beatrice said...
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