Saturday, April 26, 2008


This is called SALAMANDER.

Since when I'm interested in fish?? No la, not me, but someone in my family. People who came to my house before shall know, haha, he's my younger BROTHER!! He bred this, & loads more in the aquarium. (about 200 maybe) I can just say, I'm crazy over MUSIC, & he's crazy over FISH!!!

He sleeps with fish, or fish sleeps with him??

Urm, the answer is both, actually.


HUH?? Why am I talking about fish today? Actually we went out to 'promote' the fishes. And we sold some of the fishes to the fish shops, he (my bro) earned quite a lot, for a start. So, we were busy for the whole day. Morning, as usual teaching for the JMC in IMH, then lunch, then the fishes. =)

Something happened this week during JMC.

Cute or not? I don't know why he suddenly take out his so called 'rain coat', & wear it. He was being naughty as usual, & always run around the class. As we're in the Ethnic Room, there are many musical instruments, including the gong. & & he always want to disturb the gong, & don't want to do his work. It's hard work for me, I asked him not to disturb the gong, he ran & sat down there, being angry. huhh?? Was it my fault? I'm so scared seeing children to cry, I thought he wanted to cry, luckily, nope, then I took this pic & show him, then he smiled & laughed again. Hah!!! RELIEVED.

Why he suddenly angry ler?? I also don't know, lolx!!

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