Tuesday, April 8, 2008

D!nNEr wif Yee Po

* felt sleepy when reading Tuesdays With Morie *

* I remembered I slept for awhile xD*

* Was missing someone (Cute) *

* Got ready for dinner *

* Hate aunt a lot, so ge po *

* I ordered BEEF NOODLES (this is the second time i eat dat) *


* Ordered Special ABC (also 2nd time order myself) *

* Never think it will be nice, because I don't like red beans! *

* Till I know that I can CHOOSE, I am stupid I know *

* Ate CHAR QUEH too, yum yum!! *

* And, lastly, DUCK PORRIDGE *

* I ate a lot of food right?? *

Why am I actually writing this for? I'm just eager to record what I've eaten. They are all unusual food, that I seldom see and eat. First time seeing & eating duck porridge, second time picking my own ABC ingredients, second time eating beef noodles, and eating with long time no see de yee po, from Miri, I miss my cousie and 3rd aunt=(

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