Monday, April 21, 2008

My We3k3nd

~ I received a msg frm . . . . . . ~

~ saying sth which rely scares me off ~

~ I hope i can deal with it n dn hurt . . . . . . ~

~ this always happens to me, the one who likes me, I don't like him.~

~ lolx, that's the biggest 'secret' I ever post in my blog. ~

~ so, shhhhh!!! help me keep this secret. ~

~ Now, serious matter, we haven't decide on which condo shall we rent. ~

~ Mr Lee? Ms Chin? Whatever. ~

~ It's such headache and many problems to decide it. ~

~ It consists of so many heads and must suits everyone. ~

~ Hope we make the best decision and choose the best one! ~

~ Another matter that bugs me is, what should I do now? ~

~ Is going to TARC for A-levels good for me? ~

~ Or, shall I go for foundation in the course that I prefer? ~

~ Courses that interest me are Chemical engineering, Materials & Manufacture Engineering and Tourism Management ~

~ Or, shall I go for Form 6? ~

~ Currently, my decision is still A-levels, but what's next? ~

~ Just now I went to Swinburne to know more about the courses offered there. ~

~ And I've got another option, which is Biotechnology. ~

~ Now, more headache to me. What should I do?? ~

~ hehehe, tomorrow I'm going to be busy. Doing houseworks and BAKING!!! weeehoooo, make curry puffs. First time doing that on my own, hope I can deal with everything=) ~

~ Daddy go traveling, huhuhu. One week mummy go, another week daddy go. So sad, I'm still always home alone. ~

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