Sunday, April 13, 2008

S!ck But HapPy Day

My Saturday-day started with a terrible Friday night. Couldn't sleep well at all, my nose or throat or what ever that makes me so sick.

Went to IMH to teach the lil kids as always. There is one student who is so weird, she nods EVERYTIME we say something to her. Even when I ask her 'WHAT'S YOUR NAME?'---->>>Nod nod!!! argh, how to deal with this kind of student eh? I went to assist Mrs Law in the afternoon too, from 1.30pm-2.30pm. Because my morning class ended around 12pm, it was quite a rush for me. We went to fetch 'uncle-no.-2' for lunch and then sent him to Spring, then me to IMH.

P/s : For the whole morning and half my afternoon at IMH, I used up almost 4 packets of tissue.

After my afternoon class, I had a chance to drive AUSTIN MINI!!!! WITHOUT LISCENCE first time driving after I passed my driving test. I haven't got my liscence but I had passed. Understand?? I drove home AUSTIN MINI from the workshop=)

Then I went to Riverside Parkson with my DEAREST Jessica. (if u're reading..) Window shopping for a while and then meet up with the others for dinner and bowling. It was not exactly a WINDOW SHOPPING, because I bought a necklace and a T-shirt from Yishion. Yay, with my own money.

My Baju

Went for bowling at Riverside Superbowl. I only joined them playing during the second game. I stroke!! Heard that? I STROKE!!! A sick YOUNG lady, STROKE!!!!! wuuhoooooo!!!! I always play without skills one. My full score was just 62points. HAhaha...Josh, you win liao, gotta chia me o....

Im too SHORT

Jes, U gotta learn to bowl

Mei, u gotta learn to pose

Josh, u dn nid to learn anyting

Cin, u oso dn nid to learn anyting

Paul, ur funny skill

P/s : I used another 6 packets of tissue.

Went home around 11.00pm, told Michelle that I can't go teach the Sunday classes. I didn't bath before sleep (Dickson, yuckz hah?). Me different mah, got high fever and heavy flu. A terrible saturday night, AGAIN.

P/s : I used the whole box of tissue, had nightmare, high fever.

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