Monday, April 28, 2008


We know that Aedes mosquitoes can cause death.

BUT, do you know that 'normal' mosquitoes can cause people to get HURT also??

Not by stinging you or we always say, BITE you.


You don't want to see this. Yes, you DON'T want.












Recognize that nail art? I'm not showing off my nail art lar...Buhuhuhuhu......It is still bleeding now, since yesterday afternoon.
&...I didn't cry lar... haha, but ALMOST la, painful ba.

Want to know why my finger become like this? Actually I also don't know why. But, one thing I know is......I get this cut when I'm trying to get rid of the mosquito when I'm cutting vege for mummy. Just to GET RID, meaning, shoooo shoooo...not KILL. Then I get the cut, when I'm swinging my other hand with a knife in it. I'm always careless. It's more PAINFUL than the two cuts I got when using the scissors, buhuhuhu.

OK Ok, enough of complaining, meimei!!!!

urm, yay!! and another YAY YAY!!!!

I went gai gai with FISHY & RABBIT, huh?? Why both are animals, then what am I? Goat?? (Mehmeh), ahaha!!

We walked round & round & round, and we got bored, so.....

This is my CHOCOLATE CREAM.The whipping cream & topping.YESH!!! That's fishy!!! I mean sim yi, she straightened her hair, very pretty o...guyz!!! Don't show your saliva. =P jk!!

Actually PCK was there yesterday, but we didn't go GILA like the other people, lolx!! We only realized he was there when we saw many people running towards the big door. hahah!!

I went to visit my favorite shop again. L'OCCITANE!! And my precious perfume, I wanna GET YOU one day, just wait!!

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