Friday, April 25, 2008

MediTerRan3aN HoL!daY

Mediterranean Holiday? It's a book's name, which I just bought from MPH last night. I haven't start reading it because I'm currently still reading a book, 'WHITEOUT', which I really don't understand a bit.


Read this, if you're interested, I'm very willing to lend it out. :)

Look at the Price, so worth it rite? :)

WHITEOUT by Ken Follett

This is my book, actually my dad's xD. It comprises of three other books besides Whiteout, meaning, this big book is actually a 4-in-1 book. So, it's THICK!!!!

It's about a laboratory called Kremlin, and a virus, Madoba-2 which is stored inside the lab, got stolen and not really got stolen la, the person who 'TOOK' it, is trying to save a rabbit by using that virus, and at last he himself got bitten by the rabbit which has that virus inside it's body, so.......the rabbit and that person DIED. It happened on a Christmas Day, so....they enjoyed a not-so-Merry Christmas that year. Haha, I just read maybe 20 pages, wait till I finished reading my Mediterranean Holiday first, haha, that's more to my type of book.

Oh, one more thing. I bought a YOGA book too. Gonna start practicing it!! weeeeee, so happy.

It's for a beginner like me, teaches me how to start in a step-by=step way. And, it's CHEAP!!!


Ok, enough of books.

There're new BRANDS in town.


I LOVE this pic, it's so sharp, and in a great angle, it shows my nail art=P

And.............It Smells GOOD!!! I mean, the sample that I've got, not the pic, hehe
p/s : you can't smell it, but you can only see the product that I mean, which smells nice.

Verbena Eau de Toilette

A perennial favorite. Extroverted notes of Mediterranean verbena mingle with a rosy base of geranium and lemon tree. Elegantly presented in a glass spray bottled engraved with a verbena leaf.




I haven't try this



Ok, this is not new, look, compare, who WINS??

SUSHI KING or BIG APPLE? You're the judge.


My mum bought these chocolates from Langkawi.

I can't eat, huhuhu...Because I'm falling sick AGAIN.

RM 4.90 per bar. 1 flavor. 100g, as you can see.

RM 9.95 for 10 small pieces, with different flavors. Don't know the weight.

Ok, another thing to compare.


Not chocolate la, but the price.

Which is more ECONOMICAL?? You judge it!!!

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