Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My SucC3sS=)

* The Curry Puffs I made on my own. Yay, Succeed!!! *

* I used 500g of flour, 250g of margarine and some cold water, to make the pastry. *

* Let's share my recipe. It makes about 29 pieces.=) *

Using rubbing in method to mix the flour and fat together.

Add in some water to make the mixture become a pastry.

Using a roller, roll the pastry into 3mm thin & then cut into shape of a circle.

The fillings that I cooked=).

Put the filling in the middle of the pastry which has been cut out.

Close 'door'. =P

Make the lining into nice shape. ( at first I was so clumsy in making this, haha )

Tadaaa!!! then I can make it, pass??

Brush on some egg yolk on top of each curry puffs.

Baking time!!! 350F for 15min.

Weeee!!!!! Feeling hungry?? hehe

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