Wednesday, April 2, 2008

JPA !nterv!3w

Woke up around 6am. Feeling heavy and lazy. ZZzzz.... My interview time is 10am. But, I have to wake up early and follow my parents to office, their office is nearby our interview centre.

Alright. Let's talk about the interview. I arrived there an hour earlier, and waited almost two hours for my turn. Which means, the interview started quite late. While waiting, I chatted with my friends, Ming Lee & Bui Hon, I even made new friends there. We talked a lot.

When I named was being called, I went into the room for briefing and arranged our documents in the correct order and passed it to the officer.

My group consists of 7 persons, I AM THE LAST!!! hhmmm.....When it's time, we went into the interview room. We started off with introduction about ourselves. For example, our own name, former school, family background, our chosen course and why.

After all of us have done introducing ourselves, we were asked a question. Which is, HOW TO PROMOTE OUR COUNTRY ABROAD WHEN WE'RE STUDYING OVERSEAS? We were given time to think about it and point out our opinions one by one.

When it was my turn, I talked something about Vision 2020. So, the panel judges asked me to name one of the challenges in Vision 2020. I spoke out it is {to produce a Malaysian community that stands as one}. But, they said it is not the correct answer. So, they asked me to think about it, and will ask me about it later. But at last they didn't ask me about it anymore. Haha

Another topic that we have to think about was HOW TO MAKE MALAYSIANS TO BE MORE PATRIOTIC. Haiz.... once again, the interviewers went through our opinions and then, WE MAY GO.

No comments about it. I was so nervous though. Luckily I was not being asked questions like WHAT IS THE NAME OF OUR DEPUTY CHIEF MINISTER. There was one from our group being asked that question, luckily she can answer correctly. I CAN'T!!!! May be I should start reading newspaper, hehe!

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